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Problem setting data collection for SLD

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Good day

I have the following situation.

A Solution Manager 71 installation, just recently patched to SP11. Previously I had the SLD on this system. And then a colleague informed that this could be a problem in the future as my ECC systems are Basis 731 which is higher level than the 702 on the Solution Manager system. So I installed a separate Java stack system on the same server as the Solution Manager.

The problem that I am faced with now is that I cant get the data collection (RZ70) to connect with the new Java system that I have installed. When I go into SLD and Administration, I see under Details>Data Suppliers that the server is specified as the Gateway Host, with a Gateway port of 3303. On the Solution Manager system it specified the gateway host as "localhost" and the gateway port as sapgw00.

So, from RZ70 I specify the gateway service as sapgw03 and then I get the result:

0: DSIMSID001_SID_00                     : Collection of SLD data finished
0: DSIMSID001_SID_00                     : Data collected successfully
0: DSIMSID001_SID_00                     : RFC data prepared
0: DSIMSID001_SID_00                     : Used RFC destination: SLD_NUC
0: DSIMSID001_SID_00                     : RFC call failed: Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=17 thRc=2
0: DSIMSID001_SID_00                    

: Batch job not scheduled

And from the SLD_NUC entry in SM59 I get

Logon    Connection Error

Error Details    Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=17 thRc=2

Error Details    ERROR: SAP gateway communication error (Is SAP gateway closed?)

Error Details    LOCATION: SAP-Server DSIMSID001_SID_00 on host DSIMSID001 (wp 1)

Error Details    COMPONENT: CPIC

Error Details    COUNTER: 47

Error Details    MODULE:

Error Details    LINE:

Error Details    RETURN CODE: 239

Error Details    SUBRC: 0

Error Details    RELEASE: 721

Error Details    TIME: Mon Mar 16 14:04:05 2015

Error Details    VERSION:

Can anyone give me a few ideas what may be wrong here please?


Ray Phillips

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Answers (2)

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Hi Ray,

I'm pretty sure your issue is going to be with the setting of the profile parameter gw/acl_mode. The default on this changes with higher releases of NetWeaver, and now you've installed your SLD on a higher release, so by default it will refuse inbound gateway connections.

I described this issue and its solution in detail in my blog at .



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Hello Ray,

Take a look at Gateway Access Control Lists - Security and Identity Management - SCN Wiki for more details about the gateway security features.



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Hi Ray,

Please check if the below SLD configuration is done.You can use any one of the two below link depending on how you want to configure your SLD.

Configure SLD for JCo and Creation of JCo Destinations - Portal - SCN Wiki


If your SLD server is not a local SLD then make sure that in both the SLD system and the remote system host fine entry is there in /etc/hosts and etc/services.