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Problem of transportation.

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Dear Ruchit/All,

We are having three system landscape. Our Problems are:

1. Any developent transportaion causing problem.

2. Some of the power user have got scc4 authority.

3. They used to change client setting and do changes at production only.

4. Now some of the people have left and some of the people in Technical support joined like me.

5. Now New employees are facing problem due to production system is more customized than developement.

6. Any transportation used to change complete earliar settings.

7. We are planing to copy production client 300 to developent.

8. If we will copy then client will be locked and it will affect production.

9. If we copy, Is necessary to copy database?

10.Whether can it be done?

11. If yes how please send steps.

Note: We need smooth transportation from developement only without affecting production while our production system is more updated. similaraly after getting full data/customizing at developent how will we fill gap of Quality system?

Please write me as soon as posssible. Thanking you.

With Best regards

Dharmendra Kumar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dharmendra,

Situation is pretty bad. Frankly in this case whether client copy or system copy is the better option is unknown. I mean if only customizing is different that a client copy should suffice but if there are differences in ABAP codes then client copy will not be enough as client copy does not take care of repository changes. In the second case system copy will only solve your problem First you need to establish the areas in which the differences are prevalent.If customizing alone then go for client copy using export-import merthod. You dont need to worry about client getting locked due to client copy. Production will be used for export and at that time the client doesnot get locked. The source client will get locked not the target client.

However the best solution in my opinion is simple. Go for system copy from production to development and quality. The only problem will be the transports (modifiable/released) but not imported into production. You need to take out their object list and do a seperate documentation of the changes and after system copy you should re-do the changes and transport them.



PS: Also the people who use SCC4 should be made answerable for this goof up. This is height of irresponsibility in my opinion.

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Hi Dharmendra,

One addition transport issue will be there in case of client copy as well. The comments I have made from system copy would be applicable in case of client copy as well. Only difference being that in case of system copy repository object changes will have to be also considered while they don"t need to be considered in case of client copy.


Ruchit Khushu.

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