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Problem in Smartform Table/window Line Using Dot Matrix Printer

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Dear Experts,

I faced issue in printing smartform using dot matrix printer. In the print result, the table line (horizontal and vertical) is not printed. I already search the forum but none can solve my issue. I already changed the table line width into 30 or 40 TW but still not work. Everything is OK in the print result, except the table line.

If i manually print/write '__' (underscore), it appear in the print result, but to write horizontal line and vertical line manually in the smartform will be huge effort.

I used device type EPESCP9 for the output device.

Can you tell me what i need to do?

your help will be appreciated.


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thanks for your help. change the printer driver to SAPWIN really solve the issue, since EPESCP2/9 don't support printing vertical and horizontal line