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Problem in RAP BO I_PurchaseRequisitionTP

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Hello Experts,

I created a custom RAP BO and integrate it with released RAP Purchase Requisition API, following this Excercise:

I implemented the code in S/4 HANA 2021.

All the steps in the exercise are done.

When I preview the Fiori Element App, CRUD operations for the entity are working perfect, and the Purchase Requisition can be generated successfully. But the PR number could not be updated on both the list page and the database table:

because in the additional save method: save_modified, a dump occured in line 168 when convert the %PID to the final key:

I tryied to debug and found the exception at here: IF_RAP_BHV_PRELIM_KEY_CONVERT~CONVERT_PRELIMINARY_KEY

The %Mapped_key could not be mapped by those 2 conditions:

[ (co_techfield_name-pid) = iv_pid (co_techfield_name-key) = is_temp_key ]

I suppose that, in row 1, either the value of the import parameter is_temp_key is not correct, or the value of <t_data_by_preliminary_key>-purchaserequisition is not correct. Therefore the value '0010004490' could not be fetched.

Can you please help to look into this issue? Thanks.

Best regards,


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Hi I faced the same issue. any luck on this?

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Answers (1)

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Please check note 3007829 - ABAP: CONVERT KEY Statement Fails with Expression