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Problem getting HTML ID of HTMLB element on JSP page

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I have a problem trying to get HTML ID for an HTMLB button I have created on a JSP page.

I can retrieve the HTML ID when I use a static ID for the button.

<%String sbutton2;%>

<hbj:button id="ButtonNo2" text="Submit">



But when I create the button using a dynamic ID I have a problem.

<%String sbutton2;

String b2 = "ButtonNo2";%>

<hbj:button id="<%=b2%>" text="Submit">



What do I put in place of the ???.

I can not pass b2 as this is the string and not the button.

Any suggestions?



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I actually don't think there is a solution to this one since the generated class from the jsp needs the variable name at compile time, while it is actually determined at run-time.

You could try to add a onClientClick method and from there find the html id from the event (not sure if this is possible).