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problem during extraction from unicode to non-unicode System

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I am trying to load data into BI 7.0 using the old pipeline. But i get an error for certain field saying INVALID CHARACTERS. When i tried to look into the soucesystem for the error i found characters like ‘å’ Ⅹↀ or ⅩⅯ and also '#' for certain records. Because of which the data load fails at PSA level.

If i try to load data without these erroneous records i get two field values merged. Its a unicode Problem but I need to know wat do i need to do in this case if i have a BI 7.0 System.

Can Anyone plz help me out.

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Answers (2)

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Thanx for your response Srinivas

I think you are having invallied characters entering from R3. Yes thats rite.

but its not a text field and routine wont help us coz the data isnt getting loaded into the PSA too.

So can i get any other solution plz.



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Dear Zeel

Data can be loaded from a non unicode system (R3) to a unicode system (Bi 7.0) and viceversa. The system supports the data loading in both the ways.

I think you are having invallied characters entering from R3, Check it if it is a text field, Try to write a start routine in transfer structure or Start routine in transformation to supress this invallied records (saying that allow onlt from a-z or A-Z or 0-9) which deletes the unwanted records