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Problem creating related sync bo's

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I'm trying to create two related syncbo's for example customer and order. I've got the syncbos related in the merep_sbuilder, and I code like this:

ZcustomerManagerImpl cli = new ZcustomerManagerImpl();

Zcustomer c = cli.createZclientes();

c.setName1("My name");


ZorderManagerImpl ped = new ZorderManagerImpl();

Zpedidos p = ped.createZorder();



I think I soulld put the sync key of the customer to the filed kunnr (which is related with object customer).

When I create the items after syncronize I've got the next error:

"Sync key 0000000056 for related sync bo ZCUSTOMER missing"

But I can see the data an all seems to be correct.

Sould I do something else to create related objects ?

Is there any trick ?

I'm using ME 2.1 SP03

Thanks in advance and best regards.


Message was edited by: Xavier Tor

Message was edited by: Xavier Tor

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Answers (2)

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Hello Xavier,

Has this problem been solved?

The referenced SyncBo delta should be uploaded prior to the SyncBo which is referencing the other one. The order of the SyncBo delta upload is according to the order of the SyncBo defined in the metadata i.e. meRepMeta.xml. The referenced SyncBo should be on the top of the list than that of the referencing SyncBo.



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Hi Xavier,

Have you found the solution for your problem?

If you are using SAP 620, see this note 764351.

Otherwise, I'm trying to find the solution for the same problem as you can see here:

Would you help me if you've found the solution?