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Problem copying OVS screen between screens

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So I have a requirement that need to duplicate a selection field between 2 screens. The OVS of this field needs to have a filter already (some queries) with information from other fields as well. Below there is an example:

This is the OVS screen of the fields Ship to in "Ticket" creation screen. This OVS is the one I need to replicate from, this is working fine. The second image is the OVS screen of the fields Ship to in "Opportunity" creation screen.

I have already two queries, the parameter RelationShipPartnerUUID and the RelatioshipRoleConstraint. Both of them have values assigned, as you can see.

I've done exactly the same, I've added this OVS in another fields (named Ship To as well, but in another screen):

As you can see in the copied OVS in the second image, I can't set the same value for the parameter RelationShipPartnerUUID as it is in the original OVS. The first parameter RelationShipPartnerUUID of the first image has the value "/Root/CustomerParty..." but I can't set the same value for the second one, it doesn't appear as an option.

I remind that these 2 OVS screens are located in different screens.

How can I solve this issue? This OVS screen filter of the "Ship-to" field in the "Opportunity" creation needs to be pre-filled by the information of another field in the same screen.

As you can see, the example that it is working, this OVS read information from another field in the same screen and fill the filter with the required information:

I would like to do the same in the New Opportunity screen isntead.

Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance!

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