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Problem by connecting PowerDesigner with DB2 z/OS v10

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Hi at all,

I am evaluating PowerDesigner in its latest version.

Now I want to connect our database with PowerDesigner.

We are using DB2 z/OS v10.

so, when I want to connect it via the wizard, I get a "Could not load ... driver" error.

How can I connect PowerDesigner with our database?

Best regards


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The "Could not load driver" type of error can be caused by a number of things.

1) Binary type mismatch between ODBC driver and PowerDesinger - both must be the same (either 32-bit or 64-bit) for the driver and PowerDesigner to work together.

2) Client libraries missing:  the ODBC drivers require the PC Client libraries of DB/2 to be present.  They may not be installed, or installed properly.  Look for something like "DB2CLI.DLL". 

3) If the client is there, it may not be in the PATH and that could cause the driver to fail to find it when it tries to load.

4) Binary types of driver and client do not match.  Just like PowerDesigner to the ODBC driver, the ODBC Driver to the Client Libraries also need to be the same binary type.

If these do not help, I recommend testing the ODBC driver with another program that uses ODBC to connect, or contacting your IT group to see if they can assist in configuring the DB/2 client libraries on your machine.

PowerDesigner connects to the ODBC driver, and the Driver loads the Client, so given this error message, I would look carefully at the DB/2 database client side to resolve this.

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thanks for your reply.

I've tried to build up a connction JDBC. Is there any chance to connect DB2 z/OS via JDBC or is it a "must have" to build up an ODBC connection?

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Yes, JDBC is also supported.

In PowerDesigner, when you configure the Data Source, instead of selecting an ODBC data source, select the "Connections Profile" tab.  Add a new one there, and where it has "Connection Type" select JDBC, and then change DBMS type to DB2.  You will need the driver class, connection URL and Jar file paths to complete the connection.

You must change the database type to JDBC first, as we do not have a native driver for DB2, so DB2 won't show in the list until you make that change.

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Yes, that's right.

I'll get the same content as shown on your screenshot.

But, everytime, when I click "Test Connection" I get the error. The class could not be loaded. 
He could not find "". Do I have to add this class?

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Yes, that class comes from IBM's DB2 JDBC driver.  You either have to install IBM DB2 JDBC driver, or ensure that the driver classes (or the jar file containing them) are in the path so that they can be found.  These things are not part of the PowerDesigner install because they come from the database vendor themselves, we simply use them.

Look for the jar file shown above, and see if it is on your computer.  If it is not found, you must install and configure JDBC from IBM.