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Printing Reports

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I've got a couple questions about printing Crystal Reports.

I've got a jpg on a report that isn't printing in colour. Different coloured text is fine, but just not that jpg. Anyone know what's going one?

Second, I'm usng a report viewer in VB6 to display and print my reports, and I'm trying to use duplex printing (what's the proper use of "duplex" int that sentence? Print duplex? Duplex printing?), but instead of flipping the pages left and right like a book, I've been asked to make them print so they're flipped up and down. I've tried VB's 4 duplexing values, but had no success.

If anyone could offer me advice on either of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the help.

I found the solution to the image printing in black & white: there's a property called "Retain Original Colour Depth" in Reporting Options that I had to turn.

As for the printing, I think my employer will be able to deal with reading reports like the majority of the western world, especially considering he was born and raised reading reports in the western world.

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1) What happens if you test with a different jpg image? Can you try converting it to another image type and will it print in color? As well try inserting the jpg into MS Word and test printing.

2) I am not a VB user so can only speak to Crystal Reports (I believe duplex printing is correct) and printing duplex would be dependant on the printer driver. As to whether it coudl flipped upside down, not within Crystal, it would have to be something the printer driver is capable of.