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print-time charting with shared variables on a report without groups...

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hello all,

I have an interesting conundrum; I am working on a report (Crystal XI) with no groups to it, just several subreports. Presently the report is run weekly and sent to the manager of one of our departments.

The report itself showcases all areas of the department with total tasks, longest outstanding task, average days outstanding, MTD tasks completed, and YTD tasks completed. Due to the variety of tables the data pulls from, I have it set up as subreports that simply display the data.

All total, there are 20 different shared variables that have been obtained from 10 different subreports. I have the shared variables set as the running totals from the subreports (hence, all are print time). Since the running totals and all the subreports are time based and are not actually linked to ANYTHING on the main report, I am struggling with how to set up the formulas described in the white paper, "Charting on Print Time Formulas".

The setting up of the two formulas ({@onchngof} and {@showval}) will be different for my situation, as all of the subreports run off of date information relative to when the report is ran. I've got all of the subreports that the shared variables originate in early in the report; but where to from here?

Would I set up maybe a date grouping or some other non-essential consistent grouping to make it work? The way this report is, it really doesn't need grouping, because the main report is just a display agent for the subreports...

As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

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Let me ask couple of questions before trying to resolve this.

1. The chart you are trying to built is placed in which section and is it on Main report or sub-report of its own. This is needed because if you are trying to access shared variables values in Main report, the section should be below the sub-report placed sections.

2. Try pacing few test formulas in Main report and make sure the correct values are being pulled in on Main report.

If you are successfully pulling the variable values on the report, try creating a simple chart in report footer with the values you have pulled and see if its taking you somewhere...

Would need more information on how those variables are being accessed form sub to main or sub to other sub for example are you making an array of those variables and splitting or bringing it in as separate...