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print a set of Alv's

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Hi all,

My requirement is to print a set of ALV's (5 level drill down) custom report, when the user pushes a button on the selection-screen, the report should not displayed to the user and the pop-ups for the printer parameters needs to be averted, it is not a single ALV and hence the problem.

I tried using set_printer_parameters, but for some reason print_report function module is not working, any usefull replies will be rewarded.


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I don't know which kind of ALV, you're using.

Anyway if you want to print the ALV without display it on screen, you should transfer the coorect value to the structue IS_PRINT, this is help:

Print control parameter


value set: SPACE, 'X'

'X' = the list is to be printed and not displayed on the screen. Other settings can be made in the print parameter screen.


value set: SPACE, 'X'

'X' = do not print selection info (see LAYOUT-GET_SELINFOS)


value set: SPACE, 'X'

'X' = do not print selection information and list status on a separate page.


value set: SPACE, 'X'

For internal use only


value set: 0, n

Not relevant for hierarchical-sequential lists and block lists.

n = number of lines to be printed by the user in the footer area in the Callback at the event END_OF_PAGE.


value set: SPACE, 'X'

'X' = Do not print list status (sort, subtotal and filter information).


value set: SPACE, 'X'

SPACE = (default) The output format (number of columns) is dynamically adjusted to the list width (max. 255).

'X' = The current print parameters are used. If the list is wider, the output width is not dynamically adjusted.

If you're using the method the parameter is IS_PRINT like LVC_S_PRNT.