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Principal Propagation with API Management & On-Premise System

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to set up Principal Propagation with API Management capability of Integration Suite to an On-Premise SAP System. I am following this blog to achieve the same.

I have setup and tested the Principal Propagation between my subaccount and the backend system via Cloud Connector. It seems to work fine. 

But when I try to expose an API from the system and try to test it, it says "403 - Forbidden". I am not able to troubleshoot the issue. I followed all the steps in the blog from creating instances, service keys to adding policy templates but I am not sure what is missing.

Can someone please throw some light on this? Would highly appreciate.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Just a reminder:
The SAP Community is not the official SAP Support channel.
Maybe someone from the community can help you. But with that little info I doubt that.
Maybe you even configured everything alright and the 403 Forbidden reply stems from the targeted on-premises system, which does not accept the request for the propagated user. Usually, such issues can only be investigated by looking into the trace files of the various involved components of your workflow.

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