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Preventing aggregation in reports with more that one characteristic

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Hi Experts,

A question on exception aggregation.

We have a key figure in a report that we do not want to aggregate along the time and organisation axis.

Basically, it is a percentage that is the same all year long and for each organisational unit.

We have set-up the key figure’s exception aggregation with “last value” for reference characteristic “year”.

However, in the reports, the key figure is still aggregated along the organisational unit dimension (work center).

Is there any way of preventing this aggregation?

Many thanks,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Options for preventing this:

1) Run the report with org unit in the drill down.

2) Since the number of years will be less, do the exception aggregation on org unit and keep year in the drill down

3) Create a new characteristic that is a concatenation of org unit and year, just to get a unique key, and do the exception aggregation on this.



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