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Prevent users from navigation in Sap analytics cloud menu

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We have a portal in BTP where users can access to tiles that runs reports and planning applications in SAC.

Is there a way to prevent users from navigating in files or any menu in SAC ? When they access to a report, they have access on top of the screen to the navigation panel and then can navigate through SAC Menu :


How could we prevent them from doing that ?



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Hi @Anthony, haven't seen an option to completely disable the navigation menu as that is a standard feature in SAC, but what each users sees in the menu is depending up on the license each user consumes and also which teams the user belongs to or which roles are assigned to them, please go through the below link which explains the various aspects of user administration, in our organization, we have set users to different roles there by limiting what features are available, there are BI users who does not have access to any planning related features like data actions, multi action etc.

NB: In files, if the model/ story is shared then the users will see only those, they will not be able to see the folder structure.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. best regards