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Pretty printer is not working in SAP ABAP


Hello Eveyone,

I have checked many posts in SCN and after googling I could not find pretty printer soluction.

Can anybody help for pretty printer issue.

Please find the below screen hot for my pretty printer settings.

After this configuration

I I use pretty printer in my report and key words will get change but there is no alignment / indentation of the code.

Please find the below screen shot after pretty printer.

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Answers (2)

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Which is why I don't use pretty printer. On top of that the indentation is rubbish.

You haven't used tabs in your code by any chance ?

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Alignment depends on the version of the ABAP Editor (SAPGui/Eclipse ADT) you're running, and the actual structure that you're wishing to align. It doesn't work for everything.

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A few weeks ago, when I used SAP GUI 7.40 (PL11) and ECC 6.0 EHP3 Pretty Printer worked as expected.

Now after an upgrade to EHP7 I have also some minor problems with Pretty Printer indent (using SAP GUI

7.40 (PL11) and 7.50 (PL0))

BTW Matthew:

Why Is a big player like SAP not able to provide their simple editor without obviously errors wheras a lot of other companys and free projects provide mighty editors working as expected?

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Not much money in IDE software, is my guess.