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Preserve the table header while scrolling table

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How do I preserve the table header (giving details of what column contains what data)-- I mean: |



Name I-number department


to stay on the screen, and have only my table as scrollable?

currently my table contains a lot of data and the second page on scroll comes with the problem of what each column on each row of data means.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Adithya,

To me it seems as if you placed the table inside of a scrollcontainer. Well, in that case, the header cannot be preserved during scrolling. Nonetheless, if you don't like the paginator scroll buttons on the table, you can switch to a scrollbar-based scrolling mode for the table starting with SP11.

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Hello Thomas,

I am facing the same problem.To resolve this I made two containers one is transparent type for header column and another scroll container to display table contents.These two containers are inside the root container with the flow layout .

But the prob is the table that is inside scroll cotainer is displaying in the next row instead of the new row.

Is there any solution of this.

Best Regards,


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I want both the tables in the same row.Can you suggest me to resolve it.


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