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Precalculation fase ExcellPrecDll hangs.

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Hi All,

I am trying to install and configure the precalculation service. When I execute the precalculation from within the portal (Business Explorer -> BEx broadcaster) I can see that a new browser screen is openend. This one stays empty/blanc. On the precalculation server I can see the the request is parsed trough (see below)

TRACE Opened at Thursday April 10 2008 10:44:59 AM,Thursday April 10 2008 10:44:59 AM

Starting Precalcservice in Start<hostname>,<hostname>

lprogid - 47D8FD948AB9008BE10080009148BC22

lgwhost - <full qualified hostname>

lgwservice - sapgw00

I,612,try to initialize Event Queue

I,613,All Instances initialized Host started

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STATUS - Inside get server state

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STATUS - The state returned is 00

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -Init Connection Host <hostname> BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -SESSIONID - 9148BC2205FA47FDD5CA33E520000000

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -lInstanceID - 0

BexExcelPrecDll:InitConnection - ExcelApp NameMicrosoft Excel

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL -InitConnection of Dll1

BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_PRECALCULATE - Calculation Request: Type E Printer: SessionID:9148BC2205FA47FDD5CA33E520000000


BExPreCalcRFCServerImpl:RS_PREC_PRECALCULATE - Request transfered to Prec-DLL

StartCalc : 01

BExExcepPrecDll.StartCalc: Connection passed

BExExcelPrecDll.StartCalc: Open Workbook

After the last entry, the request is hanging and nothing happends any further.

Anybody figured this out yet?


Stephan van Loon

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Answers (2)

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This is purely because the excel version in precalculation server and the size of the workbook.

Hanging When Opening a Workbook (Microsoft Excel)

it could be that there really is no problem with the workbook at all. If the workbook is very large and was created in an older versions of Excel, and you are opening it in Excel 2003, then there could be a long delay as the workbook is opened. This is because the newer versions of Excel rebuild the calculation tables associated with the workbook; rebuilding those can take some time to do for workbooks with lots of calculations.

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can you please view the following notes,

for problem with precal server u can refer these notes,

1013205: Pre-Requisite for BI Precalculation service 710

1074272: Error in the precalculation server (read long text

regarding empty page,

1009405 Empty page displayed while invoking broadc

972514:Empty BEx Web Analyzer instead of BEx Broadcaster

With Regards