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Pre-requisites for TBIT14 (XI) course

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Hi All.

I am about to go for the TBIT14 (XI) course in a few days from now.

I wished to know that is ALE/IDOC's knowledge essential for this course? I have not worked at all on ALE/IDOC, though I have a knowledge of BAPI's.

Also, SAP says that XML and BIT100 are a pre-requisite for this course.

I have not gone through these courses. Are they really essential?

What all should I know before-hand so that I am not lost during the course?

Thanks in advance.



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Thanks Krishna and Gopesh.

I am going for the Development track (TBIT14).

I do have some knowledge of XML, BAPI and BOR, but NOT AT ALL of ALE/IDOC. I cannot read the whole of ALE/IDOC so soon (My course is starting in 10 days from now). What do you suggest as an alternative? Or can I just enhance my XML skills and put on some JAVA skills as well , and leave the ALE/IDOC portion?

Thanks again.

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If you are going for XI Developer Track (TBIT40) then your current knowledge is sufficient.

If you have SAP(BAPI,RFC,IDOC etc) background it is an added advantage.But it is not must.

"XML and BIT100 " courses are not essential. But you need to identify all messages in XML format.

If you are giving Certification then go thru following thread.

/thread/25311 [original link is broken]

Hope this helps,

All the Best


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There are two tracks available for XI training.

1. for XI configuration (Technology consultant)

2. for XI development (Development Consultant)

if you are going for a configuration training then you must have some knowledge of basic configurations in SAP just like some BASIS person.

if you are going for a development consultant then you should have some basic knowledge of XML,BAPI,IDOC,RFC, and some java overview.

Wish you all the best.