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Practical Issue #2: Building a Hierarchy

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Hello Experts,

I am working on the following hierarchy and came up with some question I believe you can help me.








Countries: Holland, Canada, Nigeria

Regions : Americas, Europe, Africa

Profit Center: CenterNum, Unit, AAA, BBB, CCC

While trying to set this up, I encountered the following problems:

I created characteristics: Org, Region, Country, ProfitCenter. L left all options as default

except under Hierarchy tab, where I checked with Hierarchy; Time-dependent hierarchy structure, then activated for all.

The lowel level in the hierarchy (ProfiCenter) where data will be loaded from the flat file was not set as a hierarchy.


After creating the InfoObjects Org, Region, Country, ProfitCenter I created a hierarchy in the context of OrgStruc but on a reading from a book.

Any guide on where to start it?

There were also some options (Drilldown Start Level, Maintain Level), I think were important but I did not touch? Any hints?

I will post the remaining question(3) in a differnt post for purposes if point

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Amanda,

These features you mentioned are important for hierarchy display during query execution.

What is your question here? May be it is answered in Issue #1 and #3?

Best regards,