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PPM - Custom Portfolio Item ID

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement to build a custom Portfolio Item ID e.g. FE.01.2020.001 where

FE = first two letters from Bucket ID,

01 = a sub-bucket ID,

2020 = Calendar Year and 001 = Running number

I know, SAP proposes standard BADI RPM_OBJECT_SERVICES with method GET_NEXT_NUMBER_FOR_EXTID in order to influence the External ID (Item ID). Here, using this BADI we are unable to get Bucket ID (or details).

But, that BADI determines Portfolio item id based on Item type so it is not useful in our case.

The Calendar year and running number can be built easily.

Is there any other BADI or alternative to bring and use Bucket/Sub-bucket ID in determining Portfolio Item ID?

Kindly suggest.


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Hi, ¨

Below code will give you state of existing object and from here, you may find Bucket as well as parent

DATA(lo_inm_session_state) = cl_inm_session_state=>get_instance( ).
CALL METHOD lo_inm_session_state->get_current_context
es_context = l_context.

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Thanks Kanishak.

My ABAP colleague could able to achieve that.