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POWL - Layout Initial View

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to create a layout view that be default for the POWL in the launchpage. But When I create the layout and click on the "SAVE AS" button in the layout it asked for description and below to it there was a check box for Initial View.

I am not able to check the Initial View as it is disabled. Can any one help me on how we can get it enabled.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have found the solution for myself.

I have been changing the URL  &sap-config-mode = Config, where we need to leave it as &sap-config-mode=X.

By making &sap-config-mode=X

- It allows us to save the layout with Initial View checkbox checked option

By making &sap-config-mode=Config

- It doesn't allow us to save the layout with initial View, The checkbox will be grayed out and we cannot make it enable to save it as a Initial view.



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Hi Prathyusha,

I'm trying to set a checkbox called "Offline data" as enabled and grayed in GRC AC, but can't find any combination to make it. I'm doing these actions:

1 - Check the box to enable the functionality,

2 - Then go to "settings for current configuration" and set:

     - Selected: Specify Default    

     - Read-Only Access: Yes

3 - I've also tryed with this parameters:

     - State: Required Entry

     - Access key activated: Yes

4 - After that I Save and close, select a transport order and OK.

5 - When I refresh the screen the checkbox appears grayed, but disabled.

By default the values are disabled and unlocked.

Thanks in advance!


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