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PowerDesigner Reverse Engineering from a Script - tables dropped after creating still in model

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I've built a MySQL v5.0 PDM in PowerDesigner (16.1) by reverse-engineering a script. This worked OK, or so I thought. The SQL script contains several drop table statements, i.e. it creates these tables and then drops them later. These tables dropped in the script have made it through to the PDM, so there is a discrepancy.

I don't have any control over this script, so I can't even remove the create table statements (so these tables are never created). I'd have to take a copy of the script and edit that before trying to reverse engineer it, which I'd rather not do.

Haven't encountered this before, so not sure if this is the expected behaviour. Can I do anything in PD to get to the correct numbers of tables from this script, or do I need to just update the model and manually remove these tables post reverse-engineering?

Thanks, Antony

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I am not sure about this (someone from SAP should confirm it), but I think, that this is not a bug, but a "feature". PD is IMHO skipping all drop statements.