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Power Designer: Cannot sort partition columns using arrows

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Hi everyone!

I'm just trying to sort the partition columns of a table using the arrows in the "General" tab that appears when I double click over the first row in the "Partitions" tab (sorry, I find it difficult to explain...).

For some reason when I press "Apply" (Aplicar) to apply the modification, nothing changes but the partition columns remain in the original order. However, if I apply the same changes by directly inserting the columns in the desired order in the field "Specification" in the same tab (for instance: column_4 = '', column_1 = '') it works.

I would like to know how I could make it work the first way because I think it is easier, faster and less prone to manual mistakes.

(I am still working with version 16.5)

Thank you very much!

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Answers (1)

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I am not very familiar with SAP Big Data. But when I do what you describe, it shows following message in the Output window: "No column is defined as partitioning column. You should set some in the column list"

Does it say anything to you?

Another possibility is that there is a bug in PD and since this is quite new definition file, everything might not be working without error.

Ondrej Divis