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Post processing orders not created for Flight Demo Enterprise Service

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Hello All,

I am currently testing flight demo enterprise service for FEH/ECH demo. However, after executing service interface SIWDemo_FlightBookingOrderCreateRequest_In , it is not showing any PPO orders in ECHR_ORDER_ACCESS report ( neither in /SAPPO/PPO3 ). Am I missing any additional configuration steps ?

I checked in debug mode and it's going into following method.

   --- Call FEH, if error occurred --------------------------------------*
  lr_feh_registration = lo_service_impl->feh_execute( ).
*--- Save correlation ID ----------------------------------------------*

How do I check if PPO is being created or not ? Do you know any tables I can verify ?

Thanks & Regards,

Dijesh Tanna

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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>>>How do I check if PPO is being created or not ? Do you know any tables I can verify ?

of course we know   /SAPPO/ORDER_HDR

you can also check out my blogs on this topic:


Michal Krawczyk

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Hello Michal,

Thanks for your reply. I gone through your document and created sample proxy object. However, I am not clear about following things :

1. Can we use any object type as "ls_main_object-objtype" , does it have any relation to SPRO config ?

2. Can we create new object in /SAPPO/S_OBJECT ?

3. The code you have given for collect method , should it be implemeted in main proxy inbound method or somewhere else ?

Also, you metioned that you must raise exception through your main proxy class. I implemeted following code to implement that.

      raise exception fault_object.


                   "call collect method from your sample code

                catch cx_ai_system_fault.                              

                             "messages are not forwarded to FEH, XI monitor is used
                              raise exception fault_object.




However, somehow messages are registered as successful messages and not creating any PPO object.

Thanks & Regards,

Dijesh Tanna

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