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Post payload to CPI iFlow from UI5 - Internal Server Error

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I need to send a JSON payload to an iFlow, in Postman the request is successful (with OAuth2 token retrieval and csrf in header), but the response in UI is Internal Server Error (the iFlow is also expecting JSON).

  • I am getting csrf token from GET request to CPI instance and pass it in the following POST request to CPI endpoint :



  • The destination configuration is the following and added in xs-app.json andreeav_0-1713954109632.png



Also curl -v -i cpi.dest returns 500

* Cpi destination and UI5 app are in different subaccounts.

- What could be the cause of this?

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Cpi destination and UI5 app are in different subaccountsCpi destination and UI5 app are in different subaccounts ->

I would guess this is the reason for the issue. The app can only work with destinations in the same subaccount. If you check the logs of the app in BTP cockpit after the failed call, my assumption would be that you find a message where it tells that it could not find a destination with the name cpi.