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POST multi part from SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Enviroment

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I am trying to POST PDF document content to AWS S3 using SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment. I am facing few issues in doing the same. Below are the steps I am trying to achieve.

1. Read the document from S3 using the GET method which I am able to achieve successfully. Now I have the PDF content in my response (response->get_binary() and response->get_text() ).

2. Trying to POST the same document content to S3. This is where I am facing some challenges. As per the API documentation, the required parameters for upload are 'Authentication', 'Path' and 'File' (formdata).

I need to pass the file content using multi part.

Basically I am trying to achieve the same requirement as in ABAP Cloud Environment.

Any pointers will be very helpful.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Kishore,

for the moment please use following workaround for multipart POST requests:

DATA(lo_dest) = cl_http_destination_provider=>create_by_url( i_url = '' ).
DATA(lo_http_client) = cl_web_http_client_manager=>create_by_http_destination( i_destination = lo_dest ).
DATA(lo_request) = lo_http_client->get_http_request(  ).
DATA(lv_file_name) = 'myFile2.pdf'.
DATA(lv_file_content) = ''.
DATA(lv_file_type) = 'application/pdf'.
DATA(lv_boundary) = 'blob'.

lo_request->set_header_field( i_name = 'Authorization' i_value = '' ).
lo_request->set_header_field( i_name = 'Content-Type' i_value = |multipart/form-data; boundary={ lv_boundary }| ).

DATA(lv_body) = |--{ lv_boundary }\r\n| &&
                |content-disposition: form-data; name="{ lv_file_name }"; filename="{ lv_file_name }"\r\n| &&
                |Content-Type: { lv_file_type }\r\n| &&
                |\r\n| &&
                |{ lv_file_content }\r\n| &&
                |--{ lv_boundary }--|.

lo_request->set_text( lv_body ).
lo_request->set_form_field( i_name = 'path' i_value = |/myDirectory/{ lv_file_name }| ).

DATA(lo_post_response) = lo_http_client->execute( i_method = if_web_http_client=>post ).

Best regards,