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Possible to have 2 repservers with same primary database?

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I would like to replicate a table out to 2 repservers. I don't think this is possible since a RepAgent maps one primary database to one primary repserver. I see a capability for multi-path replication but this is not quite what I want (I think).

Does anyone know if it is possible to replicate a table to 2 repservers? Routes and some type of rep-to-rep replication maybe? Hopefully it does not have to be that complicated.

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I wonder if it would be possible to setup a regular primary/replicate warm standby pair, and then setup a database subscription replicate off the logical connection (also called MSA).   Then on that  subscription replicate database, setup it's own warm standby replication via a second separate repserver.

I think that subscription replicate database would have to have the repagent option "send maint xacts to replicate" enabled for the 2nd warm standby replication to work.

This might not be what you're looking for, but could potentially be a way to prevent a single repserver hard/unrecoverable crash from taking out the whole replication system.

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Replication target is always a database.

One or more replication servers can be used to send the data from source to target.

If two replication servers are involved in the pipe line then you use routes between RS to RS.

Also database can belong to one REPL domain (e..g. all prod or qa or dev, etc.)

So please elaborate on  "sending a table out to 2 repservers " ?