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Possible to extract R3 attributes directly from portal?

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To get an IUser object the following code can be used:

IWDClientUser wduser = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser();
IUser result = wduser.getSAPUser();

The IUser has several methods like getCIty() & getEmail(). Is it possible to retrieve custom attributes for this object?

What does the method getTransientAttribute() do?


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Object getTransientAttribute(String namespace,String name)

Generic get method to access additional transient attributes.

These attributes are contained in separate namespaces, and

are accessible via their names. Attributes that are in no

distinct namespace are formally located in the namespace


Note: the transient attributes are instance specific.


namespace - namespace the attribute is in (may be null)

name - name of the attribute


the values of the respective attribute, or null if this namespace

or attribute within this namespace does not exist


Surender Dahiya

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I know how to read the javadocs. My question is more: what does Transient Attributes means... Is it custom defined attributes in the same table as the rest of the attributes like email, telephone, etc.

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Its very good to know that u can read javadocs.Transient attributes are those which we use to indicate to the Java virtual machine that the indicated variable is not part of the persistent state of the object.

i.e attributes that u dont want to save it.

for further refference u can read javadocs as u already know how to read them.