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Possibility of resizeable window in WPF Agentry Client

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I need to know whether we have a possibility of having small window in the WPF Agentry Client.

Currently even if I change the platform to Windows 1366*768 or 640*480, I am not seeing any change in the actual screen. It is the maximized full screen. Is there a way to achieve small windows apart from using overlay screens?


Madan KM

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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You can resize the application window from full size to smaller but the intent is to run it full screen simliar to a tablet.  There are no controls to define a window to a specific size other than through the overlay or an Open UI control.


Active Contributor
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Hi. Based on your description above, we are wondering if you are constrained from the top level application definition. What is your setting here?  Did you also try clearing the client?

There could be a theory that the WPF Platform you chose is really using Window 32 or Tablet screenset.  So what if you create from scratch the WPF platform and in this platform defined a new screenset (or screens) specific to the WPF Platform size instead of reusing another platform screenset (like the Win32).

We hope at least 1 of these suggestions help you out.

Best Regards,

SAP Mobile Platform Support Team