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Positioning navigation bar vertical rather than horizontal on side on web

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Is it possible and I think it is to place the webitem navigation_block bar on the side of the page rather than the default position on the top, without modifying the web template ( at runtime)

Even during the design time I am not able to make it vertical in wad.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You can do this in the HTML layout. If you are in BW 3.5 the default template 0ANALYZER has the nav block vertical.

The HTML will be similar to given below, will have to change according to your template.



<TD>NAV block</TD>






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I don;t see 0Analyser bar as vertical, it is horintal. Below is the code from 0ANALYZER and I located the navigation bar. my guess is that there is a paramname that can specify vertical alignment.Don;t know what that would be. None of the properties has that option..

<!-- Navigational block: GR1NavBlock--->


<param name="OWNER" value="SAP_BW"/>

<param name="CMD" value="GET_ITEM"/>

<param name="NAME" value="GR1NavBlock"/>

<param name="ITEM_CLASS" value="CL_RSR_WWW_ITEM_NAV_BLOCK"/>

<param name="DATA_PROVIDER" value="DP"/>

<param name="GENERATE_CAPTION" value=""/>

<param name="WIDTH" value="200"/>

<param name="SHOW_AXES_GROUPING" value="X"/>

ITEM: GR1NavBlock