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POS Forecast Report

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I have this report , where I have to bring the POS and forecast . I have a multi cube on POS and Forecast cube . Now I have to bring <b>52 weeks of POS Qty in the past</b> and <b>52 weeks Forecast Qty in the future</b> .

My POS cube has 78 weeks data and the forecast has 52 weeks data.

But I am not sure how to make that represent POS Qty of the past and the Forecast Qty of future.


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Answers (2)

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Create 2 restricted key figures one for POS (restricted by Week starting current week and going back 52 weeks cust exit) and one for forecast (restricted by Week starting current week and going ahead 52 weeks cust exit). Create a calculated key figure which adds these 2.

Performance might not be good. But the effort involved is very slight.


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If you can modify your cubes and reload data, you can add week as one of the characteristics which consists of a number between 1 and 53. The multicube could have a join on this characteristic. Then in the query, you could display the keyfigures restricted by the appropriate year with the 'week' drilled down.

Option 2:

Create 2 queries for both the data. Insert them into 2 sheets of a workbook. And create the third sheet to fetch data from the previous 2 sheets with VLOOKUP function of excel.