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Portles and Servlets in one application

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I have a configuration file (xml) that I need to read and populate singleton.

The first problem is How to perform initialization before any portlet will be started (similar like ServletContextListener). ?

Do I need 2 archive files (*.war and *.par) inside *.ear ?

Is it posible to have only one singleton for portlet and web application ? What scenario will be more appropriate?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Sergey,

of course you can perform initialization tasks during startup of your portalapplication. Just write a portal service, set a property startup=true and put your code into the init method.

You can have one singleton per classloader!

Regards, Karsten

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Ok. But in which case I will have one classloader?

Do I have to integrate war into par?

How this to do this integration?

Or do I need ear with par and war?

If my servlet started first will this service be initiazed alredy?

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For a web project you will have .war which may be a collection of jar file.this war file may be integrated into a .par in portal to pu it in EP.

A scenario of .war & par file will be good for any appl to be deployed in portal.