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Portal Transaction iView

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Hi Guys,

I am using EP 7.01 connected with ECC 6.0, Have created transaction iview SAP GUI for HTML, when i display the content, the content opens in SAP GUI(windows), but it suppose to open in SAP GUI for HTML inside the portal. what is missing?? some of the other notebook can see the content...:(

FYI using SAP GUI 7.20.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to define an ITS service on your ECC system, using SICF transaction, with these parameters (for example):

~transaction =

~webgui = 1

~generatedynpro = 1

~singletransaction = 1

Then, you active your service and define an IAC iview on your EP system, using ITS service defined on your ECC system.

Hope this helps,


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Uncheck Active Accessibility Feature in the user profile, then it will work

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Thanks Guys, Still issue remains...

System administration -> support -> SAP Application ->SAP Transaction

  • I have selected the configured system,(connection test OK, and i have checked SICF /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui its working fine)

  • Transaction code

  • and GUI type is SAP GUI for HTML,

when i press go, the system opens SAP GUI for WINDOWS?

how to solve this issue???

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Hi there,

check with the below settings please.

(I) Select Connector property, now fill the required fields such as:

a) Application Host (should be fully qualified hostname) - Give the R/3 Application Name,

which can be obtained from the SAP Logon Pad (check what R/3 system you are using, right click on it , go to the properties, it will open a window which has the Application Server Name.

b) Logical System Name - Give the logical name as defined in the backend system

c) SAP Client - Check the Client in the backend system and give the appropriate number (3 digits)

d) SAP System ID(SID) - Check the R/3 properties and give the check for System ID

e) System Type - Since we are connecting to R/3, select SAP_R3 system.

f) System Number - This is a two digit number that you can find in the SAP Logon Pad

(II) Select Internet transaction Server (ITS) property, now fill the required fields like

a) ITS Description à Give some Description

b) ITS Host Name - Same as "Application Host" of R/3 (when integrated ITS) and should be attached with the

port number of ITS Server (to get port number detailed description is given below). ex: hostname : port number

c) ITS Path - To get the path along with the port number you have to Log on to R/3 system. Use the

Transaction Code "SICF", it opens a new window go to:

default_host -> sap -> bc -> gui -> sap -> its -> webgui -> SAP GUI for WINDOWS -> right click on

that and click Test Service. This will open a new window, on the address bar you will find the port number, and

the path something like* (/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui)*. Use the path after the port number.

  • It is best to leave this blank when using an integrated ITS - there is no need to put anything else *

d) ITS Protocol - There are two protocols http & https, select the appropriate protocol which is

visible when you opened Test Service window.


Ponneswari A.

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Hi Vijay,

Please follow the below steps and check once again.

Before creating SAP Transaction iview you will need to create System Object for that, to create a System Object, please follow the below link.

Now after creating System object, to create iview for the same.

1) Select the Folder you have created.

2) Right Click the Folder and in the Panel, choose Iview template.

3) Choose SAP Transaction Iview.

4) Give Iview Name and Iview Id, choose next.

5) Choose SAP GUI for HTML.

6) In order to create a Transaction you first need to create a System Object and then System Alias

7) Select the System from the List displayed and give the Transaction Code. Choose next.

😎 Save the changes and test the iview by clicking Preview Button


Ponneswari A.