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portal themes don't update

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We create our own themes with the theme editor and assign them to the DefaultDesktop (pcd:portal_content/every_user/general/defaultDesktop).

Now: with certain users the offered themes (personilization option) is being updated immediately, with other users it doesn't update.

It seems that this is role independant. Any ideas?

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Answers (3)

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Hi Rovan,

The steps given are IIise are alright but please take care that when you create a new Theme, save them into the Portal_content/themes folder.

After creation of Themes, if you like the users only access the themes you created then you need to create display rules for them using the following steps:


1> System Administration -> Portal Display -> Desktops and Display Rules.

2> Create a Portal Desktop which should consist of Portal Framework Page and the themes you would like to be visible/accessible.

You also need to set the framework page and any one theme (if there are more than one theme) as default or else you would receive an error asking you to do so.

After that,

3> Expand Portal Administrators -> super_admin -> Master Rule collection.

Here you can add a if condition and set the path to the portal desktop that you created above.


If User = rituh

Then <right click on the Portal Dektop that you created and select 'Add to Expression'.

Executing the above steps you problem would be solved completely.

Please do confirm the same.

All the best.

Awaiting Reply.

Warm Regards,

Ritu R Hunjan

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I had the same problem, where the theme did not show up in my personilization option. I saw you mentioned the DefaultDesktop, but I didn't know how to add it. Our Basis guys knew how and I thought I would update the post for other users:

Goto System Admin => Portal Display => Desktops and Display Rules =>

Open Portal Users => Standard Portal Users => Default Portal Desktop

Now go to Themes =>

Right mouse click new theme and add it to the portal desktop.

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The solution to this challenge has been to create a new Framepage.