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portal theme / portal desktop error

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Hi All,

I have imported a role and theme from one server to the other and I assigned that particular role and theme to one user and when i log in with that user id I was getting an error " no portal desk top was assigned "and when I refresh the same , i was getting a page with a default theme and not with the theme which I have assigned.

When I add super admin role to the User , I'm getting the page with the role and theme which i have assigned .I mean to say it is working fine.

Is there any error with permissions.I'm using an ABAP user.

Thanks In Advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi shilpa,

yes its the issue of permissions only. the specified user didnt have permission to the desk top

go to system administration -> portal display -> Desktop & display rule -> portal administrator -> super administrator -> main_rules there specify the user.

create a new "if" condition there to the user or group or role and assign the desk top there.

this will solve your problem.

I think for the same user you assigned two desktops.. as said above remove one of the desktops in master rule collection (main_rule) and then assign the new one.

If you face problem assigning user to the desktop rule then put that user in a group or crate a role for the user and then assign the desktop rule (if condition) to the specified group or role. it will work.

Other thing, When you are defining some rule, make sure other rules come in the beginning statement when

if users = '*', then portal desktop = default desktop comes in the end.

That is not a rule specified anywhere but that will avoid the confusion. Move that line to last and check. Also try to remove the other defaultframeworkpage from that desktop.


Pradeep Bondla

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Shilpa ,

After creating your theme , did u assign theme to your portal desktop and then modifed portal desktop to user using main rule collection

Portal Content > Portal Administrators > Super Administrators > Master Rule Collection (main_rules)

check whther that user assigned to the desktop which has the theme you require

For more information , check below link

Koti Reddy