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Portal roles are not loading into IdM IS while running AS JAVA Initial load

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We are on SAP NW IdM 7.1 SP 5

Portal roles are not loading into SAP IdM identity store while running AS Java (Database) - Initial load job and not getting any error in job log regarding the portal roles.

Only Portal groups are appearing in Identity Store Schema.

I checked the job and seem to be everything perfect.

It would be great and appreciated if some one can provide solution.

Best Regards,

Nagaraju Ravuri

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Answers (2)

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When i run the initial load job for getting portal groups the job runs continuously.

At some point it starts again with out we doing any thing.

Any idea regarding this error??



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Hi Praman, check your system log, it's probably timing out.  You'll have to change your java parameters on your dispatcher file to increase heap space if that's what is happening.

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We are experiencing a similar problem. We are trying to load all portal roles, but no roles are loaded. A warning appears in the job log: Search request failed! Exception while searching for roles: (No text available)

The job has been working just fine previously. We saw the error prior to upgrading to SP5 also.

Does anyone have a clue what this is about?

Kind regards

Heidi Kronvold