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Portal Password Configuration

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Is there a way to set the maximum length of a password that is

generated with the UME? I have set the maximum length of the password

to be 31 characters. If a user forgets their password and uses the get

support link, a 31 character password will be sent to the user.

We are using the portal with ECC 6.0.

Are there customizing switches in the portal password generation? We

want the maximum length of the password to be 31 characters. If a user

forgets their password, we would like them to receive a short password

consisting of 8 characters like we generate in the ABAP side not 31 characters.

In ABAP user management, there are customizing switches which can be

set to control the password generation as follows:

maintain in table PRGN_CUST:

- GEN_PSW_MAX_LETTERS (Maximum number of letters in generated password)

- GEN_PSW_MAX_DIGITS (Maximum number of numbers in generated password)

- GEN_PSW_MAX_SPECIALS (Maximum number of special characters in

generated password)

Please advise where to look and if this is possible. Thanks!

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I'm about to change our Portal password rules to be the same as those of our ABAP back end.

Amongst other rules, I want to change one particular password rule so that there has to be at least one digit within the password.

Can someone confirm that the parameter to change is:

ume.logon.security_policy.password_alpha_numeric_required = 1

Thanks in advance,


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yes thats the one - unlike in ABAP you cannot directly control numeric and alpha independantly.

There is only one control - hence it implies (in your case) one EACH of alpha and numeric.



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I'm not sure but i think If you set the configurations for password (max length or min length) through config tool it'll be applicable to everywhere. So, you can't set different kind of password settings for different functionalities.



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Hi Nagaraju

When the users forgets their password they can request a password via the get support link.

We need the length of the password to be one length and the generated password sent by email to be another. Is this possible?


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Hi Robertmore,

you can set max,min,no.of specail chars, no.of digits, mix case for User id and Password.

For these setting you can follow two ways:

A. through portal you can set this values


B. through config tool you can set it.

1. Open Config tool:

C:\usr\sap\<SYSTEM ID>\JCxx\j2ee\configtool --> configtool.bat

Example: C:\usr\sap\Y76\JC03\j2ee\configtool --> configtool.bat

2. In Config tool: cluster-data>Global Server configuration>services-->

3. set the values for below ume properties:

<u>UserID Settings:</u>

ume.logon.security_policy.userid_digits 0

ume.logon.security_policy.userid_lowercase 0

ume.logon.security_policy.userid_special_char_required 0

ume.logon.security_policy.useridmaxlength 20

ume.logon.security_policy.useridminlength 1

<u>Password Settings:</u>

ume.logon.security_policy.password_max_length 14

ume.logon.security_policy.password_min_length 5

ume.logon.security_policy.password_mix_case_required 0

ume.logon.security_policy.password_special_char_required 0

ume.logon.security_policy.password_alpha_numeric_required 1


5. Restart the engine.

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Thanks. If I do this, it seems like the max length controls not only the password generation but the length a user may enter via the portal. Any suggestions?

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Log in the portak and go to <b>System Administration -> System Configuration -> UME Configuration -> Security Policy </b>