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Portal not stable - goes down during normal config operation

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We have a case of Portal system frequently going down during normal

configuration activities:

- activities in Theme Editor

- changing and saving Iview

I looked through the logs but I struggled to find errors which would

explain the cause of this problem

I wanted to implemented recommanded parameters form note 716927(see below) but I am not 100% where I should enter them.

When I go to Config Tool should they be enetered on:

- Instance level

- or Server Level

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


initial heap size


maximum heap size


controls how many background helper threads participate in GC. Must be equal to the number of processors in an SMP or LPAR.The default value is 1.


controls how much of the total heap ( -Xmx setting ) is reserved for large objects. Default is 0.05, reserving 5% .


enables early, parallel scanning of roots to shorten GC pause times


controls the timing of starting concurrent GC work


controls how many GC cycles objects kept alive by softreferences survive


instructive parameter for the concurrent GC accurate triggering and metering


the maximal number of classes the kCluster will contain, default is 1280 (each of 256 bytes). kCluster - 1st object of the heap


the initial size of the pCluster and the overflow size. pCluster - 2nd object of the heap


for additional mostly concurrent data

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Answers (1)

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You can enter them in the Java Admin Console:

In the left frame choose Server &#8594; Services &#8594; Configuration Adapter

Choose cluster_data &#8594; Propertysheet…

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How do I get to Java Admin Console. Is it in Visual Adminstrator?

Where do I enter them in Config tool?

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Also, would you be able to suggest where to look for the problem cause when Portal crashes.

I checked:



And cannot see amything obvious