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Portal Masthead PAR File

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I want to create a new portal masthead PAR file. i want to modify the entire masthead by changing the location of the logo and other things. I even want to add the tool area into the masthead rather then having it seperatly.

I have no knowledge of java and creation of PAR file from scratch. Can any body help me how i can get started.I have got SAP Netweaver developer studio installed and would assume it is easier to create a PAR file from there.

Thanks in Advance,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Ravi,

here is the procedure to create custom Masthead.

1. Downloading the par.bak file.

In order to customize the Portal Masthead first download the par file and from the Enterprise portal System Administration->Support-> Portal Runtime-> Browse Deployment->WEB-INF->deployment-> pcd.

2. Unzip the downloaded file and Rename it.

Unzip the downloaded archive and within it rename the to com.<company_name>.masthead.par.

3. Specifications for the various components like images, jsp files, jar files, etc.

First copy the SAP’s JAR files (, the standard par files and paste these JAR files in the PORTAL-INF /private / lib folder in the NWDS.

--for tool area transfer Add the component tool area in the portalapps.xml file.

<component name="ToolArea">


<property name="ClassName" value="com.sapportals.portal.navigation.ToolAreaiView"/>

<property name="ResourceBundleName" value="headeriView_nls"/>

<property name="SafetyLevel" value="no_safety"/>



<property name="" value="Tool Area iView"/>

<property name="" value="FIXED"/>

<property name="" value="PIXELS"/>

<property name="" value="25"/>

<property name="" value="FIXED"/>

<property name="" value="PERCENT"/>

<property name="" value="100"/>

<property name="" value="BORDERLESS"/>

<property name="" value="false"/>

<property name="" value="false"/>

<property name="" value="false"/>

<property name="" value="false"/>

<property name="" value="false"/>

<property name="" value="false"/>

<property name="" value="false"/>

<property name="" value="EMBEDDED"/>

<property name="" value="MANDATORY"/>

<property name="EnableSearch" value="true">

<property name="personalization" value="none"/>

<property name="type" value="select[true,false]"/>

<property name="description" value="LBL_ENABLE_SEARCH"/>

<property name="plainDescription" value="Enable KM Search"/>


<b>Adding the Customized Masthead (with tool area) to the Framework:</b>

Now open the custom Framework page and right click the newly created Masthead Iview and select add to the page. Masthead Iview will get added to the framework content.

i guess this helps.

reward points if useful.


-Kedar Kulkarni

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Hello ravi

To create new portal masthead you can customize the page tool bar iview provided by SAP as part of Default framework page. This iview has a par <b>(</b> associated with it.

The JSP within this par has to be modified to have it look like the design you want.

This can then be deployed back into portal and integrated into the Default framework page which can be used in the portal desktop.

Then you can follow the procedure for

1) Creating <b>DefaultFrameWork </b>page.

2) Creating <b>Theme </b> for the look and feel designed by you by making modification of some existing theme.

3) Portal desktop creation.

4) modification of master Rule collection.

Hope This will give you a basic idea of modification of masthead PAR file and associated task for this.



Reward for helpful answers.