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Portal iview in Fiori Framework page - Browser title incorrect

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hi SCN Team,

We are using portal/fiori alias for our portal and assigned roles to user. The roles have fiori iviews. When the user launches the portal, we noted some strange behaviour in the browser title.

When the user clicks on a tile (portal iview) say "App1" , the browser title bar shows "App1 - Ap1", and subsequently when the user navigates to tile (portal iview) "App 2", the browser title bar shows "App 2- App1". So the pattern is like the title of the first ivew is getting appended to the subsequent navigations in browser title.

Strange thing is it is happening only with tile created from portal iview.

Have anyone faced this type of issue.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Sajit

- If you are facing the issue with your custom FFP, can you test the behavior with SAP Provided FFP ?

- Attach the screenshot of "Framework Page Configuration" of the FFP assigned to the user.

- Provide the Portal version.


Santarshi Samanta