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Portal Installation

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Hi all,

I am installing "EP 5.0 SP5" on an oracle DB 8i.

The database installation is complete, but for the next step i.e. installing portal system database, using "DB Assistant" the installation wizard straight away shows only SQL server configuration (no Oracle DB configuration)even though there is no SQL DB server installed. Hence I cannot proceed with the installation.

can some one please help me out!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you please check again whether you have done an Oracle client installation or Oracle Database Server installation..

Not sure, but that might also be a problem..

Hope this helps.



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Hi Deepa,

well i am doing a standalone machine installation,. so the database server and the portal will be on the same machine.

hence the question of database client configuration on client machines will not come.

i have hence done a complete Oracle Database server installation on the portal machine itself.

also the database is running fine as the SQlPlus manager connects me to the database which i have created.

the problem comes in the portal installation in which i first have to create portal database using "Portal DB Assistant" included in the Portal setup itself.

here it shows no sign of any databse server installed. rather only installation proceeds for the SQL server is shown.

in the manual it says the wizard will automatically find which server (either oracle or SQL) is present on the machine.

so i am stuck at this point. can u guide me on any other steps to be taken

thank and regards


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