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Portal Eventing, Web Dynpro, and SS9

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Hi All,

I just wanted to give you a heads up of a problem concerning Portal Eventing and Web Dynpro on SS9. (In other words using WDPortalEventing.)

The way the portal eventing is currently working has the following features:

- If you subscribe to an event n times your application will be triggered <i>n</i> times if the event is raised. (You may or may not consider this a problem... For the sake of this note, let's suppose this is correct behavior.)

- If you unsubscribe from an event, you will unsubscribe completely. In other words, even if you subscribed <i>n</i> times, you will not receive any triggers the next time the event is raised. (If you considered the first point correct, then this must be wrong. After unsubscribing once, you should be triggered <i>n - 1</i> times when the event is next raised.)

- If you re-subscribe once after unsubscribing and you previously subscribed <i>n</i> times (before the unsubscribe), you will now be triggered <i>n + 1</i> times when the event is triggered. This is definitely a problem! Even if you unsubscribe <i>n</i> times, then re-subscribe, you will be triggered <i>n + 1</i> times.

SAP is being notified of the problem. The behavior is systematic, so you can write a work-around, but when SAP fixes the issue, your application will break until after you remove the work-around.

Luckily, there hasn't been much talk about WDPortalEventing in this Forum, so hopefully not too many outside projects are effected.

I will update this thread when I receive more information from SAP. I just didn't want anyone banging their head about new application problems when upgrading to SS9.

Hope this helps,


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Hello Gregory,

I'm experiencing this issue and found your thread after having a hard time debugging my code in order to find "my" mistake...

Are you aware of any bugfixes, patches, anything that fixes this issue? Thanks for a short reply.