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Portal Eventing between WDP iViews on different pages/worksets

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Application structure:

I have 4 WDP apps running in 4 separate iViews in the portal.

Portal Navigation Schema:

1) iView1, iView2 and iView3 are directly attached to workset1. (I have avoided pages because every page will have just one iView assigned to it if I were to use pages.)

2) iView4 is directly attached to workset2.

3) workset1 and workset2 are attached to a parent workset, which is in turn attached to a role.

The problem:

iView1 has a date input field, which if the user sets, should automatically propagate to iView2, iView3 and iView4. The user must not have to choose the date that he picked in iView1 when he navigates elsewhere. Now I know that WDP iViews can talk to eachother through EPCM.subscribeEvent and methods as long as they are on the same portal page, but is there a way to achieve the same effect when WDP iViews are not on the same page?

Any insights are very welcome!


Navneet Nair.

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Kumar, Rui,

I have all my code inside a web dynpro component. All that I have in dynpro to work with (or that's what I know so far) is a WDPortalEventing object that I can use to access the fire, subscribeEvent and unsubscribeEvent methods. I still haven't found a way to get to the actual EPCM object that the Portal runtime gives you through javascript. And even if I get there, how am I supposed to write javascript in my dynpro code and later pass the value stored in the client data bag to the web dynpro context ?


I had tried a small app yesterday and it didn't work when the iViews were not assigned to the same page. I will see if I can change my code anymore and get it working. I will make fresh posts to this thread as and when I find anything that works. In the mean time, if you have webdynpro iViews that talk to each other across pages, do let me know how you are doing it!

Thanks for your replies...

- Navneet.

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Sorry, I missed to see you where working with a WebDynpro.

Why don't you use WDScopeUtil instead?

Try something like:

WDScopeUtil.put(WDScopeType.CLIENTSESSION_SCOPE, variable, "VALUE");

String value = WDScopeUtil.get(WDScopeType.CLIENTSESSION_SCOPE, variable);

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Rui....that works like a charm! Exactly what I wanted!!! Wish SDN would let me award you a 100 points

Thank you very very much!


Navneet Nair.