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Portal Build error

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I am trying to create a Portal Application Module DC.But I am getting following error while build time.

Sep 7, 2009 4:50:20 PM /userOut/Development Component ( [Thread[ModalContext,5,main]] ERROR: home/lex_prod_sch: Build failed for in variant "default": Used component not found:

I searched in SDN and I found that it is a component in EP_BUILDT. But I am unable to find the same.

Any ideas?



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Answers (3)

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Hi Niraj,

In your NWDS, are you able to find SAP EP_BUILDT in the Development Configurations Perspective-> active DCs?

If not, then ask your Netweaver Administrator to import that sca onto the NWDI track. It can be downloaded from service marketplace and then imported into the CMS track. also update the SLD with this new component.

This error occurs when EP_BUILDT is not available on the track.



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Probably the component is not synced with the DTR for some reason. resyncit by going to the component again, right clicking and choosing sync. You can then choose the components to sync.

If the DC is not there then it is quite likely that you did not import all required SCAs into the track. Please go to CBS build space of the affected track and check whether, the SC (to which this DC belongs) has been imported into the track.

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Hi Niraj

This error occurs due to missing the dependencies in the application

check this thread