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Popup window opens in the second page - plz help gurus.

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Hi All,

I'm calling a transaction through ITS. There is a hyperlink in a report brings up PDF in the popup window. Popup window comes up in the second page of the report after closing in the first page of the report. Popup comes in all the consecutive pages of the report once I click on the hyperlink. This is really frustrating. Pls let me know if i need to do any configuration to avoid this problem.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Kumari,

are you using the SAP GUI for HTML (webgui)? Normally, no hyperlinks are used except on documents inside an HTMLviewer (like in TX TRIP), or when Drag & Relate is activated.

I suppose the link is part of a document that is shown in an HTMLviewer. Though this document does not belong to the ITS or the SAP GUI for HTML it uses ITS's URLs to address a new page or document. But, with this URL the status of the ITS or the application does not change, thus showing the popup over and over.

If you have a tool to trace the HTTP protocol you can check for the URLs that are send on a particular action. I

Best regards,


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Yes, it is calling 2 different URLs. Is there any solution to avoid this kind of problem. Pls Suggest. Thanks.

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