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Popup appearing as a workitem in Inbox

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Sorry if this is a re-post. I tried to search for the solution, but could not find the solution.

I want a popup to appear once the user rejects a workitem. I found many post suggesting that the "Advance with a dialog" should be checked.

In my case its checked(ticked) but yet I am not getting the popup, but I get a new workitem. On execution of that work item I get the desired popup.

Please let me know if I am missing out on anything.



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"I want a popup to appear once the user rejects a workitem"

What for? To get the reason for the rejection, right? If so, just have it immediately after the user decision.

What could you possibly be doing in the intervening background step that can't be done before the user decision or after the comment?


Rick Bakker

hanabi technology

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Hi Rick and Karri,

Thanks for the replies.

@Karri, thanks for helping me find the cause of the error. It was the background task just before the popup task.

@Rick As you rightly said, in normal cases I would not require any background task before the popup. But will figure out a work around.

Thanks a lot. Closing the thread.