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Populating a dropdown based on previous dropdown selection

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I am using WebDynpro for Java with adobe interactive elements. On abobe form I have 4 dropdowns. I am able to populate the first dropdown values from a adaptive webservice model using context mapping and some coding. But values in second drop down depends on first dropdown selection. So on first dropdown when user selects a value, I should call a method in webdynpro, this method will make a webservice call, this will return the values for second dropdown. Here I am not sure about how to call a webdynpro java method from adobe event. Please suggest me on how to do this.



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You can write the following code at the exit of drop down1 , which will execute your web service.

In JavaScript: xfa.connectionSet.MyWSDLDataConnection.execute(0);

In FormCalc: $connectionSet.MyWSDLDataConnection.execute(0)

In both cases, the parameter being passed is a Boolean value. When the results are returned from the web service, this value indicates whether the entire data DOM should be merged with the form or whether the returned values will replace those in the current instance of the form. Zero (0) indicates that the data will not be remerged; that is, no new fields or subforms will be added or removed directly as a result of this execute operation. One (1) indicates that all data in the data DOM will be remerged.