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Populate employee info on new Window for selected employee from OADP table

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Hi Friends,

I have a compensation planning web dynpro applilication, which displays a OADP table with the data. In that table one of the columns is Employee Name. When the user click on this Employee Name hyper link, i would like populate a new Window with that specific employee information. Later i might need to integrate some custom RFC's to display some other infomation for specific to selected employee.

Please help.



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Hi Srini,

You need to follow these steps:

1) In the Employe Name column set the cell editor as the LinkToAction.

2) Associate a action to this UI element and write the code of displaying the information, accessing the RFC in this action.

3) You need to also do teh parameter mapping for this Link to action. This is required to fulfil the requirement that if you click on some particular employee name lin then the code should take that particular employee name for passig it reference to the RFC.

check this way of doing the paramter mapping:

- Add a parameter named e.g. "row" of type IWDNodeElement to the action. Define the parameter mapping like this

link.mappingOfOnAction().addSourceMapping("nodeElement", "row");

In the action handler:

INode<NODE_NAME>Element typedRow = (INode<NODE_NAME>Element) row;

typedRow().getEMPLOYEE_NAME(); / Employee Name in row where link was clicked /

You can also define the action parameter directly as type INode<NODE_NAME>Element.

4) After doing this you have to access the employee name and pass it to RFC to get the employee information.

I hope this solves your issue. Please revert back in case you need any further information on this.

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Verma,

Thanks for the detailed steps.

The table which is displaying on Compensation iVIew is dynamically populating from the SAP backend based on some OADP configurations. I am not sure how to access the specific table columns of Employee name. As you suggested like to set the cell editor and create Link to action , I am not sure how do i create when the table is populating dynamically from the backend. I really appreciate is there any other to achieve this.