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Polling with RFC Sender Adapter

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i am facing a general problem with the rfc sender adapter.

I have to design a scenario where periodically pi has to call a rfc fuba/bapi in R3 and insert the response into a database or create a file.

I looked for some possibilities to impelement this scenario and desided to use ABAP Proxies to transfer the data from R3 to pi.

The problem is that the wish of the department for R3 is not to plan a job to send the files. They want that pi itself call periodically the fuba in R3. I found out that the rfc sender adapter is not able to poll like jdbc oder file adapter.

I thought i could write a litte abap program in pi to be planned in a job or to create a dummy file and poll with the file adapter. But i mean that these solutions are not good. They feel like workarounds and not like a real good solution.

Beside this there is also the problem that we could use the inubit integration system. inubit is able to poll periodically the rfc adapter and is it hard to argument against this.

Are there any good solutions known for the problem?

Does anyone know what the official SAP meaning is for a process like the described above?

many thanks

Michael Eckstein

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Answers (2)

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1st: your R3 department is stupid (!).

As your flow is ECC -> PI -> Database. you could easily create a litle extraction program with a selection screen (and a variant which could be easily updated !!) (1) to send data to PI (by using a proxy or an idoc), with a log (at end of your program) and to create easily (!!) a sap job (ecc) based on a country calendar (2).

2nd: If you really need to have "PI -> ECC (proxy)-> PI -> JDBC", you have to use the standard PI scheduler tool, called "Availibility time planning" (ATP). see this option in CC monitoring (RWB). you could trigger your sender CC (proxy)

And if you want, another possibility could be to trigger your sender CC by an external tools (to buy), or by creating an abap program....

(1) how you will pass the value to extract data with your solution (my 2nd point).

(2) in ATP of PI, the scheduling will be NOT based on a country calendar (holiday, religious/bank holiday), but just daily, weekly, inside a range, etc...


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I agree completely... - R3 comment (stupid).

Just an idea... might not be fiesable.

1. Turn change points on the for the table(s) your getting data from and have that trigger an outbound proxy call.

2. Background job in R3 or a background job in PI makes sense its in R3 where the data is (no network comms).

3. Tie into some other part of the process to trigger the information output, hitting a exit in the process that changes the data may be enough to tell you when things change.

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Is IDoc an option?

If you would using adapter like file,jdbc you would have used ATP for time planning.



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